Tips Before Buying a Blackberry

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Tips Before Buying a Blackberry, 1. Diligent ask an expert in terms of per-Blackberry-an 2. Never be tempted advertisement “We are an authorized distributor and sells Blackberry Ber-Warranty” Keep in mind, RIM (Research in Motion) never sells its products directly to the store called BlackBerry shop, but there are local sales channels through Telco operators, the new telco operators are appointed third party as an authorized distributor. And who sells something, usually the Blackberry already has a logo that exist in the state, or local telecommunications partners.

Tips Before Buying

So there is no ordinary store or story disguised as a second party company directly from RIM, so once again RIM ONLY SELL THROUGH TELCO OPERATOR. deliberately clear let me use capital letters. Cases which occur now emerging, especially in jakarta, W * I masquerade as an official vendor of RIM, RIM Where? RIM RIM-am ha ha ha ha, only permit permit permit capital Postel and others, who have nothing to do with RIM.

Before Buying a Blackberry

So be careful if you want to buy a blackberry aja. Buy operators such as Indosat, Telkomsel, or XL (Vodafone), or a third party designated by the 3 operators. Only 3 of the operators may be selling the official partners of the RIM Blackberry. More … on all the lies …. unless the store or shop the online store that sells blackberries, but they already love the beginning of the consequences if BM goods and ensure that goods can be used with shop warranty varies between 1-3 months. Now that looks like this could be our target to buy, because their prices are usually cheaper than buying in the service. cuman consequences BM goods, and only guarantee a store. aja so it can be guaranteed.

Tips Before Buying a Blackberry

Do not like one store in Jakarta that W * I, BM goods practically dishonest warranty directly from RIM … Where the evidence. the fact that there are many problems especially in the PIN PIN suspended by RIM, for allegedly tester EU (Engineering Unit) real tangible goods may not be sold. Here Suspend Blackberry 8310 PIN PIN found in W * I, which is located in Jakarta Ambassadors :


so be careful before buying  .. display box for a PIN code, or if at the time of blackberries lit press ALT – aA – H press three keys simultaneously. it will come out information Help Me! Be sure not pin the pin with the above … or IMEI code starts with 0044xxxxx and no inscription Engineering Unit. nah not that much more Blacberry buying tips first with smart, ga’ll regret later. I hope my writing is that this mess can open our minds from the level that takes advantage of the very narrowness to take advantage.

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